Month: March, 2010

Foggy with a chance of smiles …

March 17, 2010

Last Saturday’s fog couldn’t smother the light in this guy’s eyes! I was taking his one-year portraits, and was able to squeeze in a few sibling photos and a family photo, too. This family has three children, each with different colored eyes: the oldest has green, the second has the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen, and the baby has eyes of a particular hue I like to call “heartbreaker blue.”


March 11, 2010

These adorable little 3 x3-inch albums fold up so neatly to store in your purse, pocket or backpack!

They feature 10 images from your session, and the cover has a hidden magnet so it stays shut when closed. Linen-like covers are available in black, cream, brown, red, pink and sky blue, OR you can create a custom cover using one of your gallery images.

This is a simple black and white template I created, but other colors and designs are available.

You can order these with cloth covers for $25 each, or three identical albums for $60.

Albums with custom photo covers are $30 each, or three identical albums for $75.

Rainy day, smiling faces

March 10, 2010

My first outdoor session since December! With an out-of-town Aunt in town for a few days, this family wanted some “cousin portraits.” The kids had fun with their new umbrellas and boots, and we worked with what nature — and the kids — were willing to give us. Keeping three active children happy and in one place proved to be a challenge, so I was so excited when I found this image. It’s not perfect, but hopefully Grandma will be pleased to see all three together …

Where do you think this little man got his blue eyes from?

A quiet moment from little cousin L …

And baby makes three …

March 3, 2010

Sons, that is. Little man Oliver joined his big brothers Simon and Henry (don’t you just love those names?) last month. I missed the brand-new super-sleepy baby stage, but Oliver was still pretty content at almost four weeks.

I’ve enjoyed my little run of newborns the last few weeks. They’re a lot of fun to work with, even if I do get peed and pooped on a lot! I love when I am able to capture the connections between a baby and his or her family; the emotions of a portrait are just as important — if not more so — than the technical aspects of an image.

I love the little smirk on his face!

Precious little, peeling baby feetsies …

Connected {Rochester, MN newborn photography}

March 1, 2010

This little man again. He is blessed to have many family members living close by. When I was there capturing him at 5 weeks, both his grandmothers were there, loving and helping their son, daughter and grandson. I adore the looks on their faces as they hold him. He fell fast asleep about 10 seconds after I took the second image, so content to simply be held and loved. Grandma had the special touch.