Month: September, 2010

Just one more

September 24, 2010

two + one = three

September 21, 2010

This brother-sisters set included my first set of twins! I loved their outfits, and the kids were adorable. This was also my first session with an assistant — my very own husband (thank you, honey!). It was amazing not to have to haul my gear around myself; normally, it’s not a problem, but at nearly 8 months pregnant, any extra weight off my back is much appreciated.

Back to the kids. They looked at my camera when I asked, and were completely comfortable with me following them around, asking questions and snapping photos. For a little bit of fun, check out where the younger sister’s right hand is in the group photo — a perfect sibling moment!

Growing up, boy style

September 9, 2010

Ah, two boys. Now this I understand! Although these two are several years older than my sons, I can see the same special relationship between brothers: from best buds to annoying siblings to good friends. (They’re also my nephews, so I remember when each of them was born, and boy, do they look grown up in these images!)