Month: April, 2011

Pretty Things | Easter & Eggs {Rochester MN Photographer}

April 22, 2011

So I colored eggs with my children for the first time this week. I haven’t colored eggs in at least 25 years. And you know what I learned? That I’m not so great at coloring eggs. The kids, of course, are thrilled with them. The eggs came out splotchy, streaked and dappled with fingerprints. But to me, they’re perfect.

(And yes, that’s snow that they are nestled in. I snapped these a few minutes after I finished taking the pictures in the previous post).

Rochester MN Photographer

When Life Hands You Snow …

April 20, 2011

Just play in it! That’s what we decided to do today, and I’m so glad we did. The snow that was three inches deep in the yard at 10 a.m. was completely melted by 4 p.m.

I now present “Boy in Snow.”

Six months: He’s a heartbreaker {Rochester, MN Photographer}

April 14, 2011

I simply can’t get enough of this little man. Eat him up with a spoon? Yep, I’ll be the first to volunteer! This is why I love photographing newborns and babies. Check him out.

(And his big brother and sister get their own post — coming soon!)