Month: May, 2011

Peytan | 14 days new {Rochester MN Newborn Photography}

May 30, 2011

Oh, Peytan. You were a wiggly, strong little man. So strong, I almost couldn’t believe it. You broke out of almost every swaddle wrap and spent much time throwing your head around, just to show us who was really the boss.


Your mom convinced you to finally fall into a deep sleep, and then you let us be in charge for a while. And oh my, you were such a poser! So easily sshh-sshhh’d back to sleep when we moved you between setups. Grandma came by at the very end and got to see you curled up in the basket, enjoying the fur and window light.

And here’s what you finally let us do.

MINE | Miss B at 6 months

May 28, 2011

My perfect little angel turned 6 months old at the beginning of May. I love her more than I could ever have imagined. She is my sunshine, my light, my joy, my life. I’m savoring every second of every snuggle, drinking in every smile, and just plain enjoying having a daughter. I whisper secrets to her during middle-of-the-night feedings, and I’m trying to make her promise to be my best friend when she grows up. (I’m secretly hoping she never grows up, though).

With three kids ages four and under, it took me a while to get her 6-month portraits done. A few weeks, in fact. A stolen moment here, a quick set up after naptime there, and some candids during playtime in the crib or backyard. I know the processing is all over the place on these — I wanted to try to some color washes and hazy effects. I’m always leery of experimenting on client images, so I experimented with my own images!

Miss B at 4 months
Miss B at 3 months
Miss B newborn

Sibling Secrets … {Rochester, MN Children's Photography}

May 6, 2011

The second half of this session! This family is former neighbors and good friends of ours, so this session was extra special and fun. Our children are all similar ages and doing the same kind of good-little-kid and bad-little-kid stuff. These kids were great, listening to my instructions and doing exactly what I told them to do.

The “whispering a secret” pose? A fantastic way to get kids to loosen up, hug each other and giggle. My favorite!