Month: September, 2011

Sarah | enjoying every moment {Rochester MN maternity and pregnancy photographer}

September 27, 2011

Sarah. Beautiful, beautiful Sarah. Glowing. Excitedly waiting for her little Bella to arrive, yet making sure to enjoy her pregnancy and just live in every moment she was being given.

I had so much fun playing with the light during this session. Sarah was so confident and comfortable and at peace with her growing belly and changing body, it was easy to capture her playful, sweet personality.

P.S. Baby Bella arrived earlier this month, so I’ll be featuring her GORGEOUS newborn session soon!

Cousins {Rochester MN & Harmony MN Children's Portraits}

September 20, 2011

When Amy first contacted me about doing this session, I sat back and thought, “Do I really want to do this session? EIGHT kids? EIGHT kids running around outside, playing, screaming, jumping?” I called her back and told her I’d do it.  (I’ll try anything once!)

Amy and her son only make it back to visit family in Minnesota every few years, so she wanted to make this trip special and document what an afternoon in this extended family looks like. She spent lots of time planning, so we had plenty of props and toys to keep the kids busy. She supplied a parachute, a lawn sprinkler, a golf cart, watermelon and a slightly cranky dog that chased a few of the toddlers. I brought bubbles, umbrellas, kid-sized chairs and a couple of blankets. And the kids tossed in lots of smiles, a few tears and some funny faces.

It was actually kind of fun. :)

And at the end, we pulled the flag off the house and let the youngest hold it during the last few minutes of daylight before sunset. He and his sister’s daddy is deployed to Kuwait, and the family wanted a special patriotic photo of this little man to send overseas. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this little guy was holding a Buzz Lightyear superhero toy. So he holds a superhero while waiting for one to come home. Keep the faith, little man.

Ian | 10 days new

September 12, 2011

I really, really wanted to run off with this little man, but since his mom and I are good friends, she’d know where to look for me. Which meant I had to behave myself and not steal the baby.

For those of you who have never snuggled a newborn, you won’t understand this, but newborns are downright addictive. There’s a reason women keep having babies, no matter how painful or long their births are: there is just something so magical, amazing and attaching about these brand new beings — they need you, they demand you, they crave you, they can do nothing for themselves except ask for more, more, more. More warmth, more love, more milk, more holding, more bouncing, more rocking, more, more, more. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m sure that newborns are really some of the most selfish people on earth. And that’s probably why we love them so much. Because they need us so much.

Mr. Ian, you were blessed to be born into an AMAZING family, who loved you before you were born and who waited and waited and waited for you to arrive, you late little stinker.

World, meet Ian.