Month: October, 2011

Happy Hillemans {Rochester MN Family Portraits}

October 16, 2011

This fun little foursome came from Des Moines to get family portraits done while they stayed here with family. We spent a couple of hours at Grandma and Grandpa’s acreage in northwest Rochester finding the light, capturing the kids and playing with cousins. Sweet memories for a sweet family!

Bella | 11 days new {Rochester MN Newborn Photographer}

October 7, 2011

Bella might be the most perfect, beautiful newborn I’ve ever worked with. Her skin was so soft, her lips were just the right shade of pink, and she was a perfect little lady. So dainty and petite! Mom Sarah is hopelessly in love with her little girl, and it thrills my soul to see her embrace the sleepless nights and joy-full days of motherhood. Thanks to my own Miss B, I know about that special connection between a mom and daughter, and this pair were simply meant to be, in every way and for every purpose.

World, meet Bella the Beautiful …