About the Photographer

Hi. I’m Jackie, and I’m an on-location, primarily natural-light photographer in Rochester, MN.

I studied a bit of old-fashioned film photography in college while enrolled in journalism school, then didn’t pick up a “real” camera for more than 10 years. When I returned to the world of photography, I found a brand-new digital SLR in my hands. And you know what? Manual mode works the same on a digital camera as it does on an old film camera.

I guess some things don’t need to change. Because life changes enough, and that’s why I take pictures. Pictures help me remember when I get too busy to write down the details, make note of the funny questions my kids ask, or keep a vacation journal. Pictures can freeze time, capture expressions we miss with our eyes, and forever declare that WE WERE HERE.

That’s why I also believe in not just taking pictures, but actually holding them in your hands. There’s power in holding a tangible print of a beloved image, in gazing at a wall portrait every morning when you drink your coffee. Life’s images shouldn’t be stuffed in a desk drawer or relinquished to a hard drive; life’s images should be displayed, touched, remembered and enjoyed. That’s what you’ll take away from Jacksprat Photography: digital images that will forever preserve your memories AND beautiful art for your home that you can enjoy everyday.