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Happy Anniversary, Baby

January 2, 2012

When Kelly first contacted me, I think my heart stopped beating for a second. Maybe even two. She’s a super talented and stylish designer and a photographer in her own right. She wanted to schedule a session celebrating her fourth anniversary along with a little peek of her new shape (she’s got a baby growing in her belly!). I loved the idea of anniversary pics, especially just in time for Christmas cards, and I never turn down an opportunity to capture the beauty and wonder of pregnancy. And a cool bonus? She and her husband D were spending the weekend in Lanesboro, so I was able to enjoy a long quiet drive to and from the session, and enjoy silence I rarely get to experience in the car with three small children. :)

The great thing about photographing another photographer is they understand needing to look for the light and that sometimes photographers say and do crazy things to get the shot. The bad thing about photographing another photographer is that I was incredibly nervous the whole time!

In the end, it was a slightly nerve-wracking but exciting experience to work FOR another photographer, and it reminded me of the many talented photographers here in Rochester and throughout Minnesota that I am blessed to know, both personally and virtually. Some are just starting out, some are seasoned pros, and many of us are somewhere in between.

Enjoy your last trimester, Kelly, and I hope you and D have a WONDERFUL, joy-filled birth!

Sarah | enjoying every moment {Rochester MN maternity and pregnancy photographer}

September 27, 2011

Sarah. Beautiful, beautiful Sarah. Glowing. Excitedly waiting for her little Bella to arrive, yet making sure to enjoy her pregnancy and just live in every moment she was being given.

I had so much fun playing with the light during this session. Sarah was so confident and comfortable and at peace with her growing belly and changing body, it was easy to capture her playful, sweet personality.

P.S. Baby Bella arrived earlier this month, so I’ll be featuring her GORGEOUS newborn session soon!

Stormy gets a sibling {Maternity Photos in Rochester MN}

August 30, 2011

I knew this would be a great maternity session when Kristin asked if she could bring Stormy, their first baby. Now, Stormy is a little Pomeranian who travels around in a fancy red soft-sided dog carrier and has gorgeous brown eyes. She tired of posing for portraits after a few minutes, so mom and dad tucked her into her carrier with a chewy bone, and the rest of us trampled through high grass and braved grasshoppers and other strange bugs, just to bring you the images I’m sharing below.

I still can’t believe she was only 10 days out from her due date when we did this session. Truly beautiful!

Peace {Rochester MN maternity photography}

August 22, 2011

I know. I’m a bad blogger. I need to do better keeping up with my sessions! I’ve got a few to post in the next week or so. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek from my latest maternity session. Mom was gorgeous and just 10 days away from her due date.

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Autumn | Urban Maternity {Rochester MN Maternity Photographer}

June 24, 2011

It really should be illegal to be this beautiful when you’re just a few weeks away from your due date. Autumn was another portfolio-building session, and I have to share the story of her maternity portraits.

I met Autumn and her husband Todd in downtown Rochester a few weeks ago to do an urban-themed maternity session. Todd had been paged by his employer right before the session started, so we were only able to quickly snap a few images with him and Autumn together, then I finished the session with solo portraits of Autumn and her gorgeous belly. Well, later that night, Todd borrowed Autumn’s phone, found my number, and called me, explaining that he wanted to surprise Autumn with a *second* maternity session a few days later, and this time, he’d be there the whole time, just like she wanted. How romantic is that? Of course, I couldn’t say no, so we met up again a few days later at the History Center to complete the session.

The light was beautiful, and Autumn and Todd were amazing. Their little one is already so loved, and Autumn has spent hours and hours preparing her home and heart for their transition to parenthood. I am so excited to see this little family grow, grow, grow!