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Pretty Things | Easter & Eggs {Rochester MN Photographer}

April 22, 2011

So I colored eggs with my children for the first time this week. I haven’t colored eggs in at least 25 years. And you know what I learned? That I’m not so great at coloring eggs. The kids, of course, are thrilled with them. The eggs came out splotchy, streaked and dappled with fingerprints. But to me, they’re perfect.

(And yes, that’s snow that they are nestled in. I snapped these a few minutes after I finished taking the pictures in the previous post).

Rochester MN Photographer

pretty things

March 5, 2011

I’m having a difficult time remembering that there are pretty things hiding under all the snow out there right now. I originally intended to post this last fall, but life got ahead of me and before I knew it, I’d had the baby! These were taken near the end of October, ridiculously late for such color and texture, but the warm fall helped preserve a few buds and flowers and I wanted to capture them as I saw them that day.

Spring is coming!

The way Fall should be

October 19, 2009

After the wintry chills of the last few weeks, Fall burst through again today and reminded me that October isn’t all doom and gloom. Scenes from an apple orchard, pumpkin field and corn maze.

New Lens and Some Practice Shots

July 2, 2009

Today I received the new zoom lens I ordered. I couldn’t wait for the boys to take their naps so I could play a little. It was a wonderfully cloudy day with beautiful light, so I roamed around my yard looking for bits of inspiration. Here’s what I found.

Just a horsey …

June 9, 2009

Just a funny photo I took years ago while working for IBM in Boulder, Colorado. It still makes me smile.