Blaise: Days 1 to 4 {Lifestyle Newborn Photographer from Rochester Minnesota}

July 10, 2012

Perfect little Blaise. So fresh and new, he just wanted to be curled up back inside his mom’s belly. This little man loved being swaddled and held, and was already sucking his thumb and fingers all by himself. Mom, dad, grandma, best friend, photographer — we all took turns passing him around, getting our “baby fix.”

Spending a few days living with friends and their new baby is a wonderful way to capture newborn portraits. From diaper changes to cuddles on the patio to best friends making pot roast to grandma napping with big brother and sister. This is life with a baby: real, raw, exhausting, exhilarating, thrilling, and full of love and wonder. This is the story of Blaise’s welcome into his family, days one through four.


Seth: 9 days {Newborn baby photographs in Rochester, MN}

May 18, 2012

Seth is the son of a dear friend of mine. He’s her second son and a special blessing after a difficult loss. He’s settling into family life, filling spaces in his parents’ ever-widening hearts, and giving his older brother and sister the opportunity to learn what it means to be a family of five.

Chloe, 9 days new {Newborn photography in Rochester MN}

April 7, 2012

Chloe was my first client after a 4-month hiatus I started last fall before Thanksgiving. She is a beautiful little scrap of a baby girl, just the right size in every way. Her mom wanted dainty, lady-like images with touches of femininity, so we kept it simple with bits of lace and flowers and a touch of pink. Lovely, lacy and little, Chloe was just perfect. And I’d forgotten how much I love doing newborn sessions on location; there’s something about mom and baby being comfortable in their own home, not being rushed, and sitting comfy on the couch to chat with mom while she feeds baby.

Bella | 11 days new {Rochester MN Newborn Photographer}

October 7, 2011

Bella might be the most perfect, beautiful newborn I’ve ever worked with. Her skin was so soft, her lips were just the right shade of pink, and she was a perfect little lady. So dainty and petite! Mom Sarah is hopelessly in love with her little girl, and it thrills my soul to see her embrace the sleepless nights and joy-full days of motherhood. Thanks to my own Miss B, I know about that special connection between a mom and daughter, and this pair were simply meant to be, in every way and for every purpose.

World, meet Bella the Beautiful …

Ian | 10 days new

September 12, 2011

I really, really wanted to run off with this little man, but since his mom and I are good friends, she’d know where to look for me. Which meant I had to behave myself and not steal the baby.

For those of you who have never snuggled a newborn, you won’t understand this, but newborns are downright addictive. There’s a reason women keep having babies, no matter how painful or long their births are: there is just something so magical, amazing and attaching about these brand new beings — they need you, they demand you, they crave you, they can do nothing for themselves except ask for more, more, more. More warmth, more love, more milk, more holding, more bouncing, more rocking, more, more, more. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m sure that newborns are really some of the most selfish people on earth. And that’s probably why we love them so much. Because they need us so much.

Mr. Ian, you were blessed to be born into an AMAZING family, who loved you before you were born and who waited and waited and waited for you to arrive, you late little stinker.

World, meet Ian.